The Tesla Electric Car Conversion of a 1931 Pierce-Arrow is Back!

Tesla did not use 12 radio tubes in his 1931 demonstration.

He invented high voltage vacuum tube capacitors in 1896.

What to Expect

Sunset over transmission lines.

Twilight of the Grid

This is a renaissance in electric vehicles. The Tesla electric car from 1931 is the best electric car ever designed by Nikola, himself. No one knew how it worked until now.

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Convincing a Real World Inductor to Pass Either DC or AC?

Overunity Magnifying Amplifier w/Center Tapped Transformer

I made another version of a Magnifying Amplifier using only one transformer instead of two...

The prior versions used two transformers without any center tap...

A Counter Wound Coil Eliminates Voltage on an Inductive Load

Donald Smith claims that a counter-wound pair of coils connected in series with a center tap will neutralize their voltage leaving only current to remain. My simulation demonstrates this to my satisfaction since Paul Falstad's electronic simulator behaves in real time. I can watch how the current travels in the same direction on both counter-wound coils. And both the current and the voltage are 180 degrees out of phase on the simulator's oscilloscope tracings. Hence, only the voltage disappears.


Download Paul Falstad's, JavaScript Simulator for Your PC is all inclusive at over 22 Mega bytes and contains the simulator outfitted for your PC. It includes Paul Falstad's circuits (current to March of 2017), plus my most significant experiments developed over the past year including the latest simulation of Tesla's Pierce-Arrow EV. This zip file can also be downloaded from: and are collections of our circuits.

pc-sim-falstad-vinyasi (zip)


falstad-cts /up to date/ (zip)


vinyasi-cts /up to date/ (zip)



I'm eagerly awaiting someone to come forward and build this simulation. I'll post you a notice when they do!

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